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Report of the Situation of the Elderly The European Union’s (EU’s) population structure is changing profoundly. The proportion of older adults in our European society is significantly increasing. Table 1, derived from the report, shows the current status of the proportion of older adults in the EU-countries. In the tables we highlighted the five countries of the partners. The increasing life expectancy and falling fertility, lead to several challenges for families and individuals. Comparing the five partner countries, the proportion of older adults in each country is quite similar, except for Turkey where the proportion of older adults is significantly lower Report 1

Questionnaire The following report is based on the outcome of research undertaken in the partner countries. The research was based on a simple questionnaire handled to a small- about 30 persons – group of elderly persons in Belgium, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the UK. The aim of the exercise was to become familiar with respondents situation regarding their living conditions, employment status, but also their health, engagement in the civil society and the concept of active ageing their share, and specifically their views on some policy measures that could facilitate or enable or at least encourage elderly persons to lead active life from one hand and to realize what are the obstacles which hinder such attitude. Report 2

Report on Services The following report is based on the outcome of a desk research undertaken in the partner countries on the basis of a questionnaire in Belgium, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom (UK). The aim of the exercise was to present examples of services and opportunities available from various bodies (public bodies, local governments, non-governmental bodies (NGOs)) to the elderly persons in six different areas: employment, education, health, cultural and social activities, daily care and accommodation, transport. Report 3

Good Practice Booklet The Good Practice Booklet aims at providing some insights related to the situation of elderly people in partners country. The remarks of this booklet cannot be generalized and extended to the whole elderly population both in partner countries and in Europe. However, it allows to guide the design and implementation of active ageing activities. The main section of this document concerns the description of good practices. Each partner suggested some best practices implemented in their own countries with the aim to share ideas and experiences. The various good practices highlight the key elements like the title, organizations involved, timing, a description of the activities, people involved, achievement and contacts. The good practices could give inspiration and support to other organisations, training providers, public authorities and associations in order to implement effective active ageing activities. Every country has its own specific situations, policies, initiatives and solutions. Nevertheless all of the countries face the same challenge: Europe is the fastest ageing region in the world. Report 4

Good Practice Toolkit The Reboot project is a Grundtvig Partnership with the aim to address the needs of older people in order to give them alternative opportunities to access adult education and increase their active participation in lifelong training. The partners will share ideas, good practices and challenges . One important objective of the Partnership is to improve the management of adult education institutions. This means analyzing the work done in the institutions and finding ways to do the work in a sustainable way. One aspect of active ageing is active participation in activities and also development of know how in terms of practicing other languages to develop innovative ICT based practices for collaborative learning, both for staff and learners. Within the project this booklet acts as a toolkit to guide practitioners in replicating the good practice examples found in the countries of the partnership. With that in mind it is intended as complementary to the ‘Good practice Booklet’ that has been produced by the Reboot project. Report 5

Evaluation The Good practice Brochure was evaluated by organisations co-­‐operating with Project Partners and who work with elderly persons on a regular basis. Representatives of these organisations were asked to get acquainted with the Brochure, analyse it and fill in an online questionnaire (or provide responses to the PartnerOrganisation). The questionnaire was designed in a way,which allowed to evaluate both the Brochure itself and the good practice examples from the perspective of responding organisations themselves and also from the broader perspective of a country or region. Below we will present the outcome of the questionnaire and in the closing remarks we will present a brief comment. Report 6