Reboot meeting in Pesaro, Italy, September 2013 - Reboot Retired

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Reboot meeting in Pesaro, Italy, September 2013


REBOOT visit – Pesaro Italy Sept 2013

Visit to Santa Colomba Retirement Home, Pesaro, Italy 30th September 2013 

A visit was made to a local retirement home. The staff indicated that as Italian culture is to take care of the family and to stay as active as possible in retirement, residents would not usually plan over a long period to move to an establishment like this. They are more likely to book in last minute when a need is realised rather than to go to a retirement home to enjoy their retirement there.  At present the Italian government are keen to promote active ageing and for older people to support one another.

The following points are the key information provided during the visit to Santa Columba:

  • Regional law provides services for those over 60
  • This establishment offers three layers of support:
    • A basic retirement place with basic services according to need
    • A second layer of residential care for those who are not self sufficient
    • A day service for elderly and their families
  • Services here were grouped by ‘module’. Modules were formed based on needs, and different modules were housed on different levels of the centre. People are assigned to a ‘module’ depending on their needs and level of assistance required
  • At Santa Colomba the capacity was 165 over the with expansion happening over the next few months. At present they have 102 residents.
  • The centre is well equipped including a multi-sensory room. This is aimed at those with learning difficulties, mobility problems or problems such as memory. The main objective is to keep people relaxed. One example given of a patient who uses this rooms is a patient who repeats the same words over and over throughout the day. Visiting the room interrupts the pattern and allows him to relax. The room included a bed which vibrated gently along with music, a screen showing relaxing images, and a light box which can change colour depending on the residents needs.
  • The staff at the centre includes 5 doctors during the day and 24 hour nurses. Each module has a manager. There is also an activities co-ordinator. From cleaning staff to doctors each building (this place had 2 buildings) has around 60 staff to take care of 80 residents. The management team are female. Alongside the paid staff the Association of Volunteers organise volunteers to come and do activities with the residents.
  • As this centre is a public service they do not have to go through quality assurance testing.  This particular centre choose to go through quality assurance processes anyway to evaluate their services.
  • The centre had a large dining hall and a catholic chapel so the residents could attend mass

The styling of the rooms here along with the staff uniforms and equipment gave the centre a hospital look and feel overall. Rooms were quite clinical, although each resident had a booklet of photos taken and kept on the staff desk.  This was to give the floors a more personal touch and to remind staff and residents that each person was an individual.

Visit to Vegetable gardens for seniors, Pesaro, Italy 30th September 2013

We were taken to an allotment project run by seniors and for seniors. Each person can apply for their own small garden at a cost of €10 per year. The seniors formed a management committee for the garden to oversee the upkeep and maintenance.

There were 88 units in total at the allotment we were shown.

The users plant their own fruit and vegetables here, just enough for personal use. The site is eco-friendly so no pesticides are used. There are no electronic tools used here either, though the plots are small enough for hand tools to be sufficient.

The seniors hold regular social events at the site such as barbeques where they cook using the vegetables grown here.

Visit to Morbidelli Motorcycle Museum, Pesaro Italy, 29th September 2013

Having been introduced to ‘retired but not tired’ local entrepreneur Giancarlo Morbidelli at the Active Ageging conference in the morning, we were shown around the motorcycle museum he had developed. The museum was Mobidelli’s way of giving back to the local community, sharing his success and a project keeping him active.

Having designed motorcycles and won 4 world titles in motor racing, working with the local federation of small business Mobidelli had developed the museum featuring hundreds of bikes from the last century. Although this visit was partially a cultural visit to give a flavour of the local area, it demonstrated how through engaging successful older residents, you can take learning from them to put back into the local community.

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