About Us

The partnership is hugely relevant in the contexts of the partner institutions. The partnership consists of five highly motivated organizations in various parts of Europe.  They are all acutely aware of the aging population, economic, social and cultural challenges facing them today. European cooperation is seen as an essential way of improving each partner’s understanding and expertise concerning these issues.

Each partner is committed to their target groups, which come from various level of society.  It is the intention of all the partners who have substantial experience in working with elderly workers and retired persons in different European cultures and backgrounds. It is very appropriate for all the partners to carry out the tasks and activities proposed in this project and provide benefits from the findings to the European communities and individuals.

The partnership aims to address the needs of older people and those who have left education without basic qualifications, in order to give them alternative opportunities to access adult education and increase their active participation in lifelong training.

The partners will share ideas, good practices and challenges concerning course planning, course content and implementation, and thus improve their pedagogical approaches and promote and transfer innovative practices for teaching and training about active ageing.

One important objective of the Partnership is to improve the management of adult education institutions. This means analyzing the work done in the institutions and finding ways to do the work in a sustainable way.

One aspect of active ageing is active participation in activity and also development of know how in terms of practicing other languages  to develop innovative ICT based practices for collaborative learning, both for staff and  learners.  The partners will develop an ICT based community for the learners and the staff involved in the project to establish platforms and create easy methods of cooperation using social media tools.

One of the partners, will provide an ICT based English Learning Software for all the learners and the staff involved in the project.